Me, Myself & I;

So, as I sit here on a 14 degree Winters day in Sydney Australia (Which is quite cold for Australia, mind you), I ponder on those questions that ‘everybody’ is essentially is trying to answer. Also those questions that not everybody gets to answer, in one lifetime of course. However, through this short blog post I aim to not only tell you (the readers), about myself, but also in turn educate my own self a little.

My name is Matthew Graham, I am an 18-year-old first year University student, studying Psychology, and currently my only interests are stalking people’s ridiculously ‘perfect’ lives on social media, and honestly… food. Of course I have other interests, but I recognise these ‘crucial’ aspects of my life.


I like to think of myself as a sociable ‘internet person’, although I love physically going out, I also love just laughing into a screen which is connected with those that I feel closest to. I have gathered over the years, that when physical invitations do arrive, I often get anxious. I have not fully discovered why this has happened, as nothing has really changed. But I am working on it.

I currently has obsession with Instagram, which is what most teens will say nowadays, however, I also have been obsessed with Instagram from the first day I created my account. Although it can be ‘fake’, it often brought out a much more artistic and creative side of myself that I had neglected (purposely or not, you be the judge). I however, have an interest in the picture and editing process of the picture before it is ever uploaded. My friends will often ask me to edit, and although I may not seem amazing in terms of my editing skills I feel as though I am a whiz on VSCO cam and FaceTune. (Wow did I really just say that, how awkward)

I also have an obsession with traveling, I don’t think life would be worth living without the aspect of traveling. In particular, I have an interest in Europe and European Culture. Due to the fact that half my family are Danish, I suppose this is where it has stemmed from. I have only ever been to Europe twice before, and both times (Although I don’t remember the first quite as vividly as the second due to my age), I loved every second of it. My latest visit was in 2014, when I went on a school trip to Italy, Belgium and France. It was magical to say the least.

I have struggled a long time discovering what it means to be ‘happy’. My younger self often thought it was being with friends 24/7, a little later I thought it was getting ‘good’ marks and receiving physical objects. Finally, I am coming to the realisation that happiness is not an object, an occurrence or even a luxurious trip in the Greek Islands. Rather, it is a state of mind… And yes I can imagine what you are thinking “blah blah blah heard this all before there is nothing new or is an extraordinary discovery”, which is true we have heard this all before. But those who claim to ‘find’ happiness often don’t inform you on how to incorporate it into your own life.

Not only does the word ‘content’ fly around when I think of the work happiness, but also does drive, passion and determination. Happiness does not have to be a word with a singular meaning, as my Ancient History teacher would say “it has many facets”. Happiness can and does involve all those things I previously thought. However, there is an emphasis on plural. It can involve many things, and happiness believe it or not, can also involve materialistic items, as well as emotional and spiritual gifts that nourish the soul. For instance, as simple and dumb as it may seem, I have only just started to feel the happiness and appreciation when I see and feel the sun throughout this Winter period.

Yet another ‘materialistic’ happiness I ‘discovered’ was YouTube. I never imagined being a YouTuber myself, however I do like taking my mind off my own life, and essentially masking it while I become invested in someone else’s. Now I am not going to be here doing a ‘review’ of YouTubers that I watch. Although, one YouTuber that brings me great happiness, and truly represents the infamous and overused teenage ridden quote “you do you”, which is Tana Mongeau, who shares crazy (often unbelievable) stories about her past and present, public and personal life.

Now I don’t mean to get all “preachy” about this topic, but I believed I must address it when talking about myself, as we can all relate to being on a journey of happiness, no matter how you view yourself and your surroundings.

As I conclude this post I hope that I let you in on a part of my life that surprisingly don’t share. And if you have read up to this point then a hope you have a wonderful morning/day / evening / night, and I wish you the very best. As this is my first post, I do not have a scheduled, however, share your opinion if you liked what you read and I shall write again.

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