🍓 Weekly MUST HAVE’S !! 🍓

Hey guys I am back with another posttttttt, yaaaaasss. Anyways….

Whilst sitting here with my french onion dip, I wondered what my next post shall be about, it took a few hours but then BOOM, possibly the biggest (and easiest) thing, which is my weekly MUST HAVE’S, and unfortunately it does not have anything to do with strawberries 😦

By weekly must have’s, many things on this list can/should be used everyday, however other items simply do not. Now i’ve told you about my boring and useless thought process, lets get on into it !!!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 2.48.37 pm

First of all, and probably the most important thing… W A T E R !!!

Now it might sound like your parents, teachers, boss or even a beauty guru on YouTube (I mean, goals rightttt) But water is actually very VERY good for you in all different ways. Apart from all the boring parts that we don’t really see, such as cleaning your bowel system, as well as your vital organs from muck and rubbish that you have put into you body (SUCH AS VODKA AM I RIGHT EVERYONE). However, it also aids in ridding the dreaded and honestly life ending attack of Acne, I know what it feels like waking up to the day of your school photos or interview with a HUGE ASS pimple square in the middle of your chin… tough times.

Although water also helps in clearing out your mind, it makes you (well ME definitely) think much much clearer, reaching goals and ticking off jobs becomes ALOT easier with a bottle of water by your side.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 2.49.08 pm

I mean…. you obviously don’t HAVE to go and buy yourself a Fiji water bottle, but ya know I live for the aesthetics.

Second of all comes….. Lushs’ DARK ANGLES facial cleanser and mask !!

The beauty of this make is what happens after you wash it off. The mask leaves those acne spots, red marks, skin discolouration and pigmentation CLEAR, CLEANSED AND REFRESHED. Every time I use this I fall back in love with it, truly a lifesaver.

Now, if your obsessive like me… you will use it every night and think nothing of it, however, that proves redundant due to the short amount of time it takes to run out. The black as night mixture scrubs onto your face and cleans out each and every pore, leaving it 100000% better than what it was before.

Not much else to describe it than WOW LIFE CHANGING !!!

Next we have the Bondi Sands self tanner in LIGHT/MEDIUM. I used to think everyone who said that tanning made them happy and made their ‘life change’ were over dramatic, like right your just colouring your skin darker ??….BUT LET ME TELL YOU EVERY REVUE ABSOLUTELY TRUE, AND I WILL PUT MYSELF OUT THERE AND SAY THAT; YES IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER.

Now YES although it is tempting to do it everyday, probably not best because you will be colouring your sheets too. However the bonus of Bondi Sands tanner is that, it washes out of everything and anything (even my painfully white sheets), and it lasts FOREVER, and gives you the most bronzed god/goddess look you could ever ask for. I strongly suggest using a Mitt, just to protect yourself against the horrible tanning crime of streaks, leaving you with a beautifully even BRONZED tan.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 2.50.45 pm

Finally my last two recommendations are subjective, it depends on what you feel like and what you are comfortable and capable of doing.

Maybellines’ DREAM FRESH BB cream is honestly life changing for anyone that feels their skin tones are uneven. It applies easily, stays stuck on your face the whole day with whatever you’re doing (believe me I go to gym with it on), however it also doesn’t allow shininess or flashback in any type of sunlight or photograph.

For me, I personally don’t use heavier make up products such as foundation, concealer etc, however I like and WILL NEVER SAY NO to something that will make me look even better. I wear the shade LIGHT, due to the fact that i’m PALE (AF), however they also have a medium and dark shade too.

Then we have the ‘VO5 Texture rework extreme style ‘hair gel.. talk about a mouth full.

I have used hair gel or ‘putty’ ever since I was in my first year of high school, and I have gone through many MANY brands, but this brand gives me the best outcome for my hair. Me myself, I have very think and wavy/curly hair, and this just keeps it tame throughout the (often blistering hot) day. Yet SOMEHOW it still leaves my hair feeling light and fluffy.. PUUURRRFECT

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 2.49.52 pm

Okay guys, thanks again for tuning in to one of my lame af blog posts !!! I absolutely adore anyone that takes the time to read em 🙂 Hopefully you gained something out of this post, and if not, then i’m DEEPLY sorry, go have a donut !!

Leave me a few comments on your thoughts and i’ll catch you guys on the flipside (wow i’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that)….OK ANYWAYS





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