Only a DREAM

When I think about a holiday, it goes a little something like this…

There you are, laying on a sandy white beach, almost as white as SNOW, but WARMER. I imagine laying on a tropical themed lounge chair (maybe with palm leaves), with a fluffy towel draped over the top.

I can feel the sun pressing its HOT rays into my glistening skin. I open my ears, and I hear the distant call of the seagulls and other local wildlife. I hear the pattering of soft, gentle feet, as if a family of ducks are waddling past. The gentle crash of the waves slipping along the sand, I can hear the foam forming.

I open my eyes, I see the white as cloud sand, the clear as day water, with the FairyFloss like ever so fluffy foam forming on top. The broad stretch of the seagulls wings, I can almost count their never ending feathers.

I look to my side, and see a table with ice cool water (no matter how hot the sun gets). I see the clouds gliding past me… a swan…a frog…. a leaf…

I am free.




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